To Blackburn

Five years later the PCs were on their way to meet up in Blackburn.

Armagon had become a cleric, Caellachen became a fighter, Cha’ar became a warlord, Oriana a warlock, and T’larin a ranger. The PCs were unsure if Drake would show up because last they all heard Drake had been kicked out of wizard school.

As the PCs arrived one at a time to the village they discovered something very wrong. Goblins were blocking the way to the town. After the PCs got past the guards they discovered the town had been completely excavated. It looked as if the Goblins were forcing the citizens of Blackburn to dig it up themselves.

As the PCs watched the Goblins stopped the excavation the minute some of the slaves dug up what looked to be a stone door. However, as soon as a Goblin touched the door the Goblin was struck dead.

The PCs then attacked and saved the citizens. Upon inspecting the stone door Armagon recognized the carvings as symbols of Vecna.

At this point the leader of Blackburn asked the PCs to escort the surviving townspeople to the city of Fallcrest to start a new life. Knowing they could further research the stone door in the libraries and temples of Fallcrest, the PCs agreed.


Six years ago 6 friends from the same village went their separate ways to start on their first steps to becoming adventurers. Armagon the Dwarf, Caellachan Alpin the Goliath, Cha’ar Bloodforge the Dragonborn, Orianna the Tiefling, T’larin the Elf, and Drake the Human. The six agreed to reunite with their newly acquires skills in five years and become an official adventuring party.

The six were to reunite in the small town of Blackburn. They planned to spend a year or two protecting the town and taking small jobs. They hoped these missions would allow them to perfect their teamwork and hone their skills.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned.

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